Community Event Emergency Response Planning

A guide to help event and municipal emergency planners prepare for gathering events in Nova Scotian communities.

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Two pieces of provincial legislation and their regulations govern the work of the Emergency Management Office and set the framework for emergency management in the Province of Nova Scotia. The Emergency Management Act is Nova Scotia's emergency management and emergency powers legislation. It establishes the rules for managing emergencies in Nova Scotia and requires municipal governments to have emergency plans. The Minister of Emergency Management is appointed pursuant to this Act. Read the Emergency Management Act.

The Emergency 911 Act is the enabling legislation for Nova Scotia's emergency telephone reporting system. It allows the province to manage the service and makes the Minister responsible for the Emergency Management Act responsible for the 911 system.

Business Plan

EMO Business Plan 2010-2011
EMO Business Plan 2009 – 2010
EMO Business Plan 2008 – 2009
EMO Business Plan 2007 - 2008

Emergency Management Office Accountability Report

EMO Accountability Report 2010 - 2011
EMO Accountability Report 2009 - 2010
EMO Accountability Report 2008 - 2009
EMO Accountability Report 2007 - 2008
EMO Accountability Report 2006 - 2007

Routine Access Policy

This “Routine Access” policy for the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office is designed to provide persons with an opportunity to obtain certain categories of records without having to submit a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Application.

Routine Access Policy

Juan Report

Hurricane Juan made landfall in the early morning hours of September 29, 2003. The storm, which primarily impacted the Halifax area, would turn out to be one of most powerful and destructive hurricanes to ever affect Canada.

The following reports summarize emergency response and lessons learned, as well as public feedback on the efforts of the agencies involved.

Hurricane Juan Debrief Report on the Emergency Response to Hurricane Juan Public Feedback on the Emergency Response to Hurricane Juan

Emergency Management Act

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911 Performance Report 2009-10

Nova Scotia’s provincewide 911 emergency program was launched in 1997, making it the first provincewide 911 service in Canada. Since that time, more than two million calls have been processed and significant improvements to the call processing system have been made. Advancements in communications technology, from cellular to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), have placed greater emphasis on the need to continuously improve and update Nova Scotia’s 911 system

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