Programs - Fire Safety

Programs : Municipal Affairs, Fire Safety

The Office of the Fire Marshal is committed to three major programs: Education, Enforcement and Engineering


The Learn Not to Burn® program has been introduced to Nova Scotia. The Canadian Tire Child Protection Foundation assisted with a major grant to Fire Prevention Canada, who in turn supplied books printed by the National Fire Protection Association. Fire departments, school teachers, daycare personnel, and the Department of Education have joined us in the program which is being introduced into the school system. The hope is that every classroom will have at least one book. Funds are being raised to purchase extra books at approximately $60 each. There are three volumes:
  • Grades Primary to 2
  • Grades 3 to 5
  • Grades 6 to 8
  • Plus an introductory unit for preschoolers
The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C)

The Office of the Fire Marshal has initiated a comprehensive youthful firesetter intervention program. TAPP-C is an awareness program designed to promote/foster attitudes and behaviours that will result in good fire practices.

The Office of the Fire Marshal provides a certification program for fire inspectors. In association with the Metropolitan Fire Inspectors Association, this Justice Institute of British Columbia program is delivered as a home correspondence program. The twelve module program was purchased with funds from Wellington, Halifax, Zurich, and Royal Insurance Companies and the Nova Scotia Firefighters School.

The Canadian Fire Investigation School, through the Office of the Fire Marshal, provides training to firefighters, municipal police, RCMP, and Canadian Armed Forces personnel.

The Office of the Fire Marshal provides training to industry, institutions, government, and to the fire service.


To ensure compliance with legislation, the Office of the Fire Marshal carries out inspections by request, complaint, and audit.

Where incidents occur that may indicate that non-compliance or suspected incendiary was the cause, or to assist a local authority, the Office of the Fire Marshal will investigate.

Where the local authority requires assistance for fire investigations, the Office of the Fire Marshal will provide expertise.


The Office of the Fire Marshal provides a system for approving plans for building construction. The system provides for both the provision of advise and the inspection of the site, where possible. Many of the province's architects, engineers, building inspectors, and contractors rely on this service to ensure that buildings meet fire and life safety requirements.

The Office of the Fire Marshal provides commentary and represents the Province on a number of standard writing organizations including Canadian Standards Association, Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada, and the Standards Council of Canada. These organizations and others form a critical component of a safety model.