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Municipal Affairs
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Local Government

Municipal government is sometimes referred to as local government.  In Nova Scotia, local government was originally based on the English session system where Crown-appointed magistrates met in the county courts to administer local matters.  Elected local government was first introduced in Nova Scotia in 1841 with the Incorporation of Halifax.

In 1848, Nova Scotia became the first colony to be given "responsible government".  To have responsible government meant that the Executive Council had to obtain and maintain the support of a majority of members of the House of Assembly in order to be able to govern the province.  Nearly 20 years later, in 1867, the Province of Nova Scotia joined Confederation along with New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec.  In 1841 the City of Halifax became the first incorporated municipality in Nova Scotia. By 1996 there were 55 municipalities: 3 regional municipalities; 21 rural municipalities; and 31 towns.

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