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Statements of Provincial Interest

New Statement of Provincial Interest Regarding the Nova Centre

On August 6, 2013 the Governor in Council adopted a Statement of Provincial Interest regarding the development of the Nova Centre in Downtown Halifax.

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Statements of Provincial Interest outline the province's vision for protecting Nova Scotia's land and water resources. They also address issues related to the growth of our communities. Statements of provincial interest are adopted as regulations under the Municipal Government Act. They are intended to help provincial government departments and municipalities make land use decisions that support the principles of sustainable development. The six statements deal with:

  • preserving high quality farmland,
  • preventing development on known floodplains,
  • protecting municipal drinking water supply area,
  • providing for affordable housing,  
  • making the best use of existing infrastructure, and
  • supporting the timely construction of the Nova Centre.

Why are they important?

Nova Scotia's land and water resources are fundamental to our physical, social and economic well-being. They are finite resources and using them in one way can exclude other uses forever. We need to make land use decisions carefully, respecting the needs of future generations.

How do we use them?

Development undertaken by the province and municipal planning strategies must be reasonably consistent with the statements. As the statements are general in nature, they provide guidance rather than rigid standards. They reflect the diversity found in the province and are not designed to take into account all local situations. They must be applied with common sense, thoughtfulness, innovation, and creativity.

Statements of Provincial Interest and Resources