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Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-Laws

A municipal planning strategy (MPS) and land use by-law (LUB) are legal documents and, once approved, have the status of law in a municipality. The Municipal Government Act authorizes a municipality to develop and adopt a municipal planning strategy and land use by-law. These documents outline the municipality's vision for the future and its strategy for managing challenges, such as social and economic issues. As part of the adoption process, a municipality must engage the public in some form of public participation process – the details are left up to the individual municipality.

A municipal planning strategy may take various forms including an inter-municipal planning strategy or a secondary planning strategy.

The land use by-law is the companion document to the municipal planning strategy. It is the way in which a municipality identifies and enforces its vision as defined within the municipal planning strategy. For example, if a municipality's vision were to enhance economic development, the municipality could develop a land use by-law to identify land specifically meant for commercial/retail space by way of a zone to approve and regulate it.

Why do municipalities need a municipal planning strategy and land use by-law?

A municipal planning strategy is a forward looking policy document. It outlines management and implementation techniques municipalities can use to develop plans that are proactive rather than reactive. Quite simply, it helps the municipality chart a future it desires rather than reacting to events as they unfold. Land use planning is an important cornerstone to the success of a municipality.

How can Municipal Affairs help?

Creating municipal planning documents may appear complicated, but it is a manageable and rewarding endeavor. We have developed a number of guides, model by-laws, and other resources to help elected officials, planning advisory committees, municipal planners and the public develop to assist in this process.

Planning and Land Use Resources

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Government Act Resource Binder – Section 7