Nova Scotia's Education Action Plan

Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for Education is helping to improve the learning and teaching environment in Nova Scotia.

It is based on feedback from 19,000 Nova Scotians.

Since its launch in 2015, Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for Education has brought many exciting changes to classrooms across the province.

There are more supports for students in math and literacy and smaller class sizes. We are the first in the country to introduce coding in schools.


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Nova Scotia’s primary to grade 12 literacy strategy will help teachers bring literacy learning into all subjects and grades, and give students stronger supports in the classroom.

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Coding is now in the grades primary to 3 curriculum. We’re leading the way in Canada bringing coding to all grades. It promotes skills including problem-solving, and critical thinking which link to growth industries in Nova Scotia like computer programming and marine industries.

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More supports for students learning math. At least one-half hour of more teaching time within each school day is being dedicated to math, and early intervention programs are underway in each school board to help more students succeed in math.

About the Action Plan for Education

Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for Education will enhance learning and career readiness to help ensure success for all students.

Created in response to feedback from 19,000 teachers, parents, business leaders and community members, the plan is guided by concrete actions and timelines that will make sure valuable changes to public education take form.

Cover of the Education Action Plan Nova Scotia's Action Plan for Education
The 3 Rs: Renew, Refocus, Rebuild

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For updates and news about the Action Plan, visit the Department of Education website .