Seasonal or Temporarily Unemployed Workers - Feepayer Support

Feepayer Support is a program of Employment Nova Scotia which allows laid off workers to invest in their own training if they choose and continue to draw out their regular Employment Insurance benefits while in training. Since these workers will not receive additional financial support for their training-related costs, they are referred to as "feepayers."

Program Information

Program Objective

Feepayer Support offers flexibility in that the training must increase a worker's overall employability but does not need to be directly linked to the worker's current employment. Training must not interfere with the client's return to work; it is important to ensure the training can either be completed within the lay-off period or is flexible enough to allow the trainee to return on subsequent lay-offs.

Who delivers Seasonal Feepayer Support?

Employment Nova Scotia delivers Seasonal Feepayer Support and other Employment Benefits and Support Measures in Nova Scotia.

Eligibility Information

Seasonally and temporarily unemployed workers may be approved to attend training as feepayers if the training:

  • improves their employability or skills;
  • does not interfere with their return to work; and
  • would not normally be provided or funded by their employer.

Examples of eligible training include short-term professional development courses, customized training programs, upgrading programs or other work related skills.

Am I eligible to participate in Feepayer Support for Seasonally or Temporarily Unemployed Workers?

To be eligible for Feepayer Support, you must be an unemployed individual with an active Employment Insurance claim. It is not necessary to have a Return to Work Action Plan (RTWAP) to participate in the Seasonal Feepayer Support program.

What else do I need to know?

The date that you are considered to have requested assistance is the date that your completed application is received by Employment Nova Scotia.

Your application must be approved by Employment Nova Scotia before your training.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in Feepayer Support for Seasonally or Temporarily Unemployed Workers, please complete the Seasonal Feepayer worksheet-application package and return it to your nearest Employment Nova Scotia office.


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