“The Farm Loan Board was
interested in helping the farmer.”
- Derek MacNeil, Barraville Holsteins

“They get to know you and your business;
see it first hand and understand your challenges.”
- Ian Tuttle/Ruth Tuttle, Cumberland County, NS

“The Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board
has given me the tools I need to be successful.”
- Luke denHaan, Annapolis Valley, NS

“The Farm Loan Board
is more understanding of what we were doing
in this sector and understood what I was trying to do.”
- Glenn Dodge, Bent Ridge Winery Ltd.

“Van Meekeren Farms chose to obtain financing
from the Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board
because they understand the financial needs of
agricultural businesses, and have a suite of products
available to meet those needs.”
- Stephen Van Meekeren, Van Meekeren Farms Ltd.

“The biggest difference between the
Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board
and other lenders is the products they offer are better suited
to agriculture - they understand agriculture.”
- Michael Lightfoot, Kings County, NS

Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board

Interest Rates

Closed Interest Rates

(please see conditions below)

The following rates are for three, five or ten year terms. The loan must be paid out or renewed at prevailing interest rates at the end of the term.

Due to the risk that interest rates and payment required may change significantly at three-, five- or ten-year intervals, these loans are being offered to clients who are in a strong position to withstand interest rate fluctuations. If interested, please discuss this option with a loan officer.

Length (years) Interest Rates - Term Loan
Full Term *10 Yr Term *5 Yr Term *3 Yr Term
1-5 2.50% -- 2.50% 2.25%
6-10 3.25% 3.25% 2.90% 2.55%
11-15 3.85% 3.60% 3.05% 2.55%
16-20 4.30% 3.90% 3.15% 2.60%

* 3, 5 and 10 year term rates available to clients meeting risk, cashflow, and collateral requirements.

Eligibility requirements include

Open Interest Rates

Fixed for the full term of the loan

Effective October 1, 2021 (applicable to loans approved on or after this date while these rates remain in effect)

Length (years) Full Term
1-5 2.75%
6-10 3.70%
11-15 4.40%
16-20 4.95%

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Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board
Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board
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