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The Economics and Statistics Division maintains archives of previous publications for accountability purposes, but makes no updates to keep these documents current with the latest data revisions from Statistics Canada. As a result, information in older documents may not be accurate. Please exercise caution when referring to older documents. For the latest information and historical data, please contact the individual listed to the right.

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August 05, 2020

Statistics Canada is publishing monthly provincial average retail prices based on transaction data from Canadian retailers.

Compared with the period immediately prior to the pandemic (February 2020), there have been notable increases in Nova Scotia average retail prices for beef and pork products as well as cheese, yogurt and eggs.  Other dairy product prices have been more stable while chicken prices have fallen.                                             

Fruit and vegetable prices have generally been rising, with some exceptions (Grapes, bananas, pears, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers).   

Since February 2020, most retail food prices in Nova Scotia have remained within the range of prices observed since the start of 2019.  The exceptions are: beef, pork, chicken thighs, pears, and oranges. 


This data is generated through transaction data.  Transaction data provide a comprehensive electronic record of the purchases made through a retailer's point-of-sale system, and contain relevant pricing information, such as product descriptions and quantities sold. The use of transaction data for the calculation of the average prices in this table offers a significant quality advantage over traditional in-store collection, given the large number of product prices available and the geographic coverage available.

Statistics Canada.  Table  18-10-0245-01   Monthly average retail prices for selected products, by province

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