About Access to Information Requests

To be more open and transparent, government has launched the Access to information website, making it easier for Nova Scotians to request and access government information.

By creating an Access to Information Account, people can submit, pay and receive FOIPOP requests online.

Applicants are asked to set up a password protected account. Applicants can also still submit their requests by sending a paper copy. All requests, both paper-based and those submitted electronically, will be processed and handled within the same timelines.

The Province of Nova Scotia posts responses to formal FOIPOP requests online on the Disclosure Log. The log is a free, public collection of FOIPOP responses that have been approved for publication based on a specific set of criteria (PDF File, 800 KB).

Why allow people to submit FOIPOP requests online?

For some people, it can be easier to request, pay for, and receive FOIPOP requests online. People can place a request, pay the fees, and follow the status of their request file online. They can also monitor the progress of the request and receive an email notification when a request is complete.

Once a request is submitted online, will it be completed faster?

The application completion process and timelines remain the same for both online applications and those mailed in (paper-based). The 30-day response is still in place.

Can the five-dollar fee be paid online? What about any other additional fees?

Yes, once the access to information account is opened, people can pay all fees online.

What is the purpose of the disclosure log website?

Records disclosed in completed requests under freedom of information, that meet our criteria, are posted on this site fourteen days after the disclosure is sent to the applicant. This is a publicly accessible, searchable, online repository, which improves transparency and accessibility to government information.

Will personal information be posted for everyone to see on the disclosure website?

No. The name of the applicant and other identifying information will always remain confidential.

How can I learn more about using the Access to Information Account website?

Please review the Access to Information Account website user guide.