Forestry sector transition

A transition team of government and industry representatives has been created to ensure the forestry sector has a place in Nova Scotia's economy.

The team will advise government on short-term actions that can help affected workers and businesses, advise on potential areas to invest the $50 million transition fund, and identify longer-term approaches to support an ecologically sustainable and competitive forestry sector. Read the Terms of Reference.

Transition Team Members include:

  • Kelliann Dean, deputy minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Trade, as team lead
  • Julie Towers, deputy minister, Department of Lands and Forestry
  • Simon d'Entremont, deputy minister, Department of Energy and Mines
  • Ava Czapalay, acting deputy minister, Department of Labour and Advanced Education
  • Don Bureaux, president, Nova Scotia Community College
  • Jeff Bishop, executive director, Forest Nova Scotia
  • Debbie Reeves, chair, Large Private Non-Industrial Landowners of Nova Scotia
  • Greg Watson, manager, North Nova Forest Owners Co-op Ltd.
  • Doug Ledwidge, president and CEO, Ledwidge Lumber

As the team moves forward with its work, people with further expertise may be engaged.

Forestry transition trust

The forestry sector needs time to diversify and move toward a sustainable future. That is why government has placed the transition fund, first announced in December, in trust and topped it back up to $50 million – so it is available for use over multiple years. A three-member trustee board will oversee spending decisions for the trust. The board will include one government nominee and two transition team nominees. The trustee members will be announced once appointed.

Statement from Premier Stephen McNeil

The forestry sector still has a place in the economy of Nova Scotia. As a government we want and need a forestry industry because it helps drive our rural economy. It may look different. It may have new customers, new markets. The transition fund will help with that. But I am confident it will survive and we can work together to find a path forward that balances economic growth and environmental integrity.

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