About Us

GoverNEXT is membership-led province wide network open to all public servants. We exist to:

  • Contribute to a more innovative public service through advocacy in areas including human resources, technology, and interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Enhance professional development and mentorship within the public service. We sponsor events to explore new ways of thinking about service delivery and policy development, support professional development opportunities, and collaborate with the PSC on formal and informal mentorship initiatives.
  • Advise the public service on issues relevant to our membership. For instance, with a significant wave of pending public servant retirements, we want to ensure government is thoughtful about knowledge transition and succession planning.
  • Support enhanced collaboration and networking both vertically and horizontally across the public service. We seek ways to more effectively leverage talent from across the organization, regardless of which department it sits in. We support networking in both formal and social settings.

Our recent activities include:

  • Horizon Fund: In 2014, GoverNext created the Horizon Fund for GoverNexters seeking to develop beyond their current job description.   In the pilot round, seven people were awarded up to $1000.
  • Deputy Darrow Challenge: In 2013/14, Deputy Darrow issued a challenge to GoverNext to come up with ideas for improving the public service. GoverNext developed 10 businesses cases, several of which were adopted by the Public Service Commission. For instance, in fall 2014, a mentorship program will be launched and enhanced career development supports are in place.
  • Change Lab: Arising out of the Darrow Challenge, the Change Lab is an idea that GoverNext has been advocating for over the last year.  A change lab, or social lab, seeks to create an intensive, creative space where cross-sector collaboration can take place to seek approaches to complex problems. The lab results in prototypes that can be tested and refined in rapid iteration. This idea is currently under consideration by senior leadership.
  • Policy input: Periodically, GoverNext is invited to contribute to corporate policy and Strategy development.
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations: GoverNext has offered a number of different training opportunities, including a popular course called ‘navigating difficult conversations’ that looks at working through conflict in the workplace.
  • Networking events: These events take place throughout the year, including pub tours, ultimate Frisbee, trivia. Informal connections have an important professional value – and we also just like to have fun!
  • Practical advice: finances, health, maternity leave: Governext hosts practical sessions for people looking to invest or buy a home, go on maternity leave or understand their health plan.

GoverNEXT is governed by a Steering Committee comprised of volunteer departmental representatives and is led by an elected executive team. The executive team liaises with and takes counsel from the ‘champion’ of GoverNEXT, a deputy minister. As well, Steering Committee and GoverNEXT members serve on task teams in the areas of communications, mentorship, human resource policy, networking, IT and outreach.