Fast Facts

Head of State: President Bronislaw Komorowski (since 6 August 2010)
Head of Government: Prime Minister Donald TUSK (since 16 November 2007)
Population: 38,463,689 (July 2010 est.)
National Holiday: 3 May (1791)
Capital: Warsaw
Area: 312,685 sq km (B.C.= 947,800 sq km or Canada = 9,976,140 sq km)
Nova Scotia/Poland Relations:

More than 10.000 people in province of Nova Scotia have a Polish background.

The Free Trade agreement with Europe including Poland has been signed and will be ratified and implemented in the very near future.

The largest Polish community in the province is located in Halifax and Sydney, Cape Breton where last year Polish Parish celebrated 100 aniversary of existence.

Did you know?

Two Polish folk dance groups exist in Nova Scotia; "Pomorze" in Halifax and "Pogoria" in Sydney. www.pomorzedance.com

The largest professional group of Nova Scotians with polish background are associated with medical and educational fields.