Fast Facts

Head of State: President Michelle BACHELET Jeria (since 11 March 2014)
Head of Government: President Michelle BACHELET Jeria (since 11 March 2014)
Population: 16,746,491 (July 2010 est.)
National Holiday: 18 September (1810), Independence Day
Capital: Santiago
Area: 756,950 sq km (B.C.= 947,800 sq km)
Nova Scotia/Chile Relations:

The Honorary Consulate in Halifax is not authorized to issue or legalize official documents. Please approach the Consulate General in Montreal

The Governments of Canada and the Republic of Chile (Chile) have signed a Trade Agreement to facilitate and promote the exchange of goods and services.

Nova Scotians are familiar with Chilean wines; the NS Liquor Commission lists 135 brands in its catalogue.

Chile’s fertile volcanic soils also produce excellent fruits and vegetables during the austral summer (December to February).

Chile shares with Nova Scotia an interest in fish farming. Although in 2006 Chile produces 38% of the world’s salmon (only second to Norway), a devastating epidemic of infectious salmon anemia hit the industry in 2007; the production is slowly recovering.

Numerous Chilean students have completed postgraduate degrees in Nova Scotia universities, and many are successful professionals and university professors, as well as goodwill ambassadors for our Province.

Chilean citizens have been exempted from visa requirements to enter Canada as tourists

Did you know?

Chile gave birth to two of the greatest poets of the 20th century, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriela Mistral in 1945 and Pablo Neruda in 1971. Both were known for the power of their words, but also for using poetry to promote social justice.

Skiing in July and August is wonderful in many excellent well-groomed and serviced slopes in the Andes Mountains. The main slopes close to the capital Santiago are above the treeline and offer spectacular views and often deep powder snow.

Torres del Paine National Park near the southern tip of South America was voted the 8th Wonder of the World in 2013.

A dormant volcano in the Northern Chilean Andes was named after a Nova Scotia geologist: Dr. Marcos Zentilli, Professor Emeritus, Dalhousie University.(journal Tectonophysics - 1985, vol. 112, 423-444; also in book Volcanes de Chile, Instituto Geográfico Militar, Chile, 1995)