Fast Facts

Head of State: President Giorgio NAPOLITANO (since 15 May 2006)
Head of Government: Prime Minister (referred to in Italy as the president of the Council of Ministers) Matteo RENZI (since 22 February 2014)
Population: 58,090,681 (July 2010 est.)
National Holiday: 2 June (1946) Anniversary of the Foundation of the Republic
Capital: Rome
Area: 301,230 sq km (B.C.= 947,800 sq km)
Nova Scotia/Italy Relations:

Italians represent the 5th largest ethnic group in Canada, and roughly 14,000 reside in Nova Scotia, representing 1.5% of the NS population.

Pier 21 saw 471,940 Italians arrive by boat across the North Atlantic between 1921 and 1971.

Did you know?

John Cabot, a famous Italian Explorer, traveled across the Atlantic in 1497 and landed on Mainland Nova Scotia, where he claimed the land for the King of England.

The Italian Week-end is an annual cultural event which takes place at the ICCA located on Agricola Street. Every year around the 2nd week-end of September you will find excellent food, bocce ball tournaments, and Italian community members all united and ecstatic to represent and share their culture with their fellow Nova Scotians.