Municipal IAP Administrator

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Cape Breton Regional Municipality     
320 Esplanade
Sydney, NS B1P 7B9         

Marie Walsh, CAO
Phone: 902-563-5009
Fax: 902-564-0481

Deborah Campbell
Phone: 902-563-5021
Fax: 902-564-0481  

Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority
PO Box 549
Amherst, NS  B4H 4A1      

Stephen Rayworth
Phone: 902-667-5141
Fax: 902-667-5873  

Property Valuation Services Corporation
238A Brownlow Ave
Suite 200, 2nd Floor
Dartmouth, NS  B3B 2B4  

Robert Andrews, Administrator
Phone: 902-720-7809
Fax: 902-720-7873  

Digby Area Recreation Commission   
PO Box 579
Digby, NS BOV 1A0

Bob Powell, IAP Administrator
Phone: 902-245-5006
Fax: 902-245-2121

Halifax Public Library
60 Alderney Drive, 3rd Floor
Dartmouth, NS  B2Y 4P8  

Mairead Barry, Director
Phone: 902-490-5863
Fax: 902-490-5850  

Halifax Regional Municipality
PO Box 1749
Halifax, NS  B3J 3A5         

Nancy Dempsey, Access and Privacy Officer
Phone: 902-490-4390
Fax: 902-490-4454

Angie Williams
Access and Privacy Coordinator
Phone: 902-490-4234
Fax: 902-490-4454  

Halifax Regional Water Commission   
PO Box 8388, Stn “A”
Halifax, NS  B3K 5M1

Carl Yates, General Manager
Phone: 902-490-4840
Fax: 902-490-6939

Sandy Hood
Phone: 902-490-6207
Fax: 902-490-6939

Municipality of the County of Antigonish       
285 Beech Hill Road
RR #7
Antigonish, NS  B2G 2L4  

Glenn Horne, Municipal Clerk/Treasurer
Phone: 902-863-1117
Fax: 902-863-5751

Beth Schumacher
Deputy Municipal Clerk
Phone: 902-863-1117
Fax: 902-863-5751   

Municipality of the County of Colchester       
PO Box 697
Truro, NS B2N 5E7

Mark Austin, Research, Policy, Community Engagement Officer
Phone: 902-956-2711

Municipality of the County of Cumberland    
PO Box 428
Amherst, NS  B4H 3Z5

Rennie Bugley, CAO
Phone: 902-667-2313
Fax: 902-667-1352

Municipality of the County of Inverness
PO Box 179
375 Main Street
Port Hood, NS  BOE 2W0

Joe O’Connor, CAO
Phone: 902-787-3500
Fax: 902-787-3110  

Alternate: Evelena Gillis,

Municipality of the County of Kings     
PO Box 100
Kentville, NS  B4N 3W3

Scott Conrod
Phone: 902-690-6131
Fax: 902-678-9279

Municipality of the County of Pictou
PO Box 910
Pictou, NS  BOK 1H0

Brian Cullen, CAO
Phone: 902-485-4311
Fax: 902-485-6475  

Municipality of the County of Richmond
PO Box 120
Arichat, NS  BOE 1A0

Yvonne Boudreau
Phone: 902-226-3971
Fax: 902-226-1510  

Municipality of the County of Victoria
PO Box 370
Baddeck, NS  BOE 1B0     

Sandy Hudson, CAO/Clerk
Phone: 902-295-3660
Fax: 902-295-3331

Municipality of the District of Argyle
PO Box 10
Tusket, NS  BOW 3M0

Alain Muise, CAO
Phone: 902-648-2311
Fax: 902-648-0367

Municipality of the District of Barrington
PO Box 100
Barrington, NS BOW 1E0

Rob Frost, CAO
Phone: 902-637-2015
Fax: 902-637-2075

Municipality of the District of Chester
151 King Street
Box 369
Chester, NS BOJ 1J0         

Dan Pittman, Records Management/Quality Control Coordinator
Phone: 902-275-3554
Fax: 902-275-4771  

Municipality of the District of Clare
PO Box 458
Little Brook, NS  BOW 1Z0

Connie Saulnier, CAO
Phone: 902-769-2031
Fax: 902-769-3773

Municipality of the District of Digby
PO Box 429
Digby, NS  BOV 1A0

Linda Fraser, CAO
Phone: 902-245-4777
Fax: 902-245-5748

Municipality of the District of East Hants
Box 230, Suite 170
15 Commerce Court
Elmsdale, NS B2S 3K5

Jody MacArthur, Communications Officer and FOIPOP Officer
Phone: 902-883-7098 x 219
Fax: 902-758-3497

Connie Nolan
Phone: 902-883-7098 x 224
Fax: 902-758-3497

Municipality of the District of Guysborough  
PO Box 79
33 Pleasant Street
Guysborough, NS BOH 1N0

Barry Carroll
Phone: 902-533-3705 x 224
Fax: 902-533-2749

Municipality of the District of Lunenburg       
210 Aberdeen Road
B4V 4G8
PO Box 200
Bridgewater, NS B4V 2W8

Sherry Conrad, Acting Municipal Clerk
Phone: 902-541-1323
Fax: 902-543-7123

Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s
PO Box 296
Sherbrooke, NS BOJ 3C0

David Gillis, Deputy Clerk
Phone: 902-522-2049
Fax: 902-522-2309

Municipality of the District of Shelburne         
136 Hammond Street
PO Box 280
Shelburne, NS BOT 1W0

Chris McNeill
Phone: 902-875-3544 X 223
Fax: 902-875-3083   

Municipality of the District of West Hants       
76 Morrison Drive
PO Box 3000
Windsor, NS  BON 2T0      

Chrystal Remme
Phone: 902-798-6931
Fax: 902-798-8553

Julie Woodman
Phone: 902-798-6929
Fax: 902-798-8553

Municipality of the District of Yarmouth
PO Box 152
Yarmouth, NS  B5A 4B2

Ken Moses, CAO
Phone: 902-742-7159
Fax: 902-742-3164


Region of Queens Municipality
PO Box 1264
Liverpool, NS

Kathleen Rafuse
Phone: 902-354-3453
Fax: 902-354-7473  

South Shore Public Libraries
135 North Park Street
Bridgewater, NS
B4V 9B3

Troy Myers, Librarian  

South Shore Regional Library Board
PO Box 34
Bridgewater, NS  B4V 2W6

Cathy MacDonald, Librarian
Phone: 902-543-2548
Fax: 902-543-8191  

Town of Amherst  
PO Box 516
Amherst, NS  B4H 4A1

Greg Herrett, Town Clerk/CAO
Phone: 902-667-6513
Fax: 902- 667-2090

Town of Annapolis Royal
PO Box 310
Annapolis Royal, NS
BOS 1A0      

Carol St-Amour
Phone: 902-532-3146
Fax: 902-532-7443  

Town of Antigonish          
274 Main Street
Antigonish, NS  B2G 2C4

Stephen Feist, CAO
Phone: 902-863-2351
Fax: 902-863-9201  

Town of Berwick   
PO Box 130
Berwick, NS BOP 1E0

Don Regan
Phone: 902-538-4007
Fax: 902-538-3724

Chantal Pineo-Atwood
Executive Assistant
Phone: 902-538-4006
Fax: 902-538-3724

Town of Bridgetown        
PO Box 609
Bridgetown, NS
BOS 1C0      

Rachel Turner
Phone: 902-665-4637
Fax: 902-665-5011  

Town of Bridgewater
PO Box 9
Bridgewater, NS  B4V 2W7

Ken Smith, Town Manager
Phone: 902-543-4651
Fax: 902-543-6876

 Town of Clark’s Harbour
PO Box 160
Clark’s Harbour, NS  BOW 1P0

Brian Crowell, Clerk/Treasurer
Phone: 902-745-2390
Fax: 902-745-1772  

Town of Digby (includes Digby Water Commission)
PO Box 579
Digby, NS  BOV 1A0

Matthew Raymond
Phone: 902-245-4769
Fax: 902-245-2121  

Town of Hantsport 
PO Box 399
Hantsport, NS
BOP 1P0      

Brian Smith (A/CAO)
Phone: 902-684-3211
Fax: 902-684-3227  

Town of Kentville
PO Box 218
Kentville, NS  B4N 3W4    

Mark Phillips, CAO
Phone: 902-679-2500
Fax: 902-679-2375

Town of Lockeport
PO Box 189
Lockeport, NS  BOT 1L0

Joyce Young, Clerk/Treasurer
Phone: 902-656-2216
Fax: 902-656-2935  

Town of Lunenburg
PO Box 129
Lunenburg, NS  BOJ 2C0

Beatrice Renton, Town Manager/Clerk
Phone: 902-634-4410
Fax: 902-634-4416  Town of Mahone Bay
PO Box 530
Mahone Bay, NS  BOJ 2E0          

Jim Wentzell, Town Clerk/Treasurer
Phone: 902-624-8327
Fax: 902- 624-8069  

Town of Middleton
PO Box 340
Middleton, NS  BOS 1P0

Rachel Turner, CAO
Phone: 902-825-4841
Fax: 902-825-6460  

Town of Mulgrave
PO Box 129
Mulgrave, NS  BOE 2G0

Hugh Landry
Phone: 902-747-2243
Fax: 902-747-2585  

Town of New Glasgow
PO Box 7
New Glasgow, NS  B2H 5E1

Lisa MacDonald
Phone: 902-755-8333
Fax: 902-755-6242  

Town of Oxford
PO Box 338
Oxford, NS  BOM 1P0

Darrell White, CAO
Phone: 902-447-2170
Fax: 902- 447-2485  

Town of Parrsboro
PO Box 400
Parrsboro, NS  BOM 1S0

Ray Hickey, Town Clerk/CAO
Phone: 902-254-2036
Fax: 902-254-2313  

Town of Pictou
PO Box 640
Pictou, NS

Scott Conrod, Clerk/Treasurer
Phone: 902-485-4372
Fax: 902-485-8110  

Alternate: Corinne MacKeil,

Town of Port Hawkesbury
PO Box 10
Port Hawkesbury, NS  BOE 2V0

Maris Freimanis
Phone: 902-625-7890
Fax: 902-625-0040  

Town of Shelburne
PO Box 670
Shelburne, NS  BOT 1W0

Dylan Heide
Phone: 902-875-2991, option #5
Fax: 902-875-3932  

Town of Stellarton
PO Box 2200
Stellarton, NS BOK 1S0

Joyce Eaton, Town Clerk
Phone: 902-752-2114
Fax: 902-755-4105  

Town of Stewiacke
PO Box 8
Stewiacke, NS  BON 2J0

Sheldon Dorey, CAO
Phone: 902-639-2231
Fax: 902-639-2221  

Town of Trenton
PO Box 328
Trenton, NS  BOK 1X0

Cathy MacGillivray
Phone: 902-752-5311
Fax: 902-752-0090  

Town of Truro        
695 Prince Street
Truro, NS  B2N 1G5

Mike Dolter, CAO
Phone: 902-895-4484
Fax: 902-893-0501

Town of Westville
PO Box 923
Westville, NS  BOK 2A0

Kelly Rice
Phone: 902-396-1500
Fax: 902-396-3986  

Town of Windsor
PO Box 158
Windsor, NS  BON 2T0

Louis Coutinho, CAO
Phone: 902-798-6675
Fax: 902-798-5679  

Town of Wolfville
PO Box 1030
Wolfville, NS  BOP 1X0

Mike MacLean
Phone: 902-542-4501
Fax: 902-542-4789  

Town of Yarmouth
400 Main Street
Yarmouth, NS B5A 1G3

Jeff Gushue, CAO
Phone: 902-742-8565
Fax: 902-742-6244