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How do I apply to access information?

Access information online

A FOIPOP request can be submitted online on the Access to Information Requests website.

The Access to Information website allows you to submit, pay and receive FOIPOP requests online. The Nova Scotia Government also posts responses to formal FOIPOP requests online on the Disclosure log. This is a free public repository of FOIPOP responses that have been approved for publication and have met a specific set of criteria (PDF file 800 KB).

To learn more go to the Access to Information about page. Or download the FOIPOP factsheet (PDF File, 226 KB).

Access information through paper-based applications

FOIPOP requests can also be made by sending us a paper copy.

Step 1: Identify the information or records you want, providing as much detail as possible to assist us with our search

Step 2: Identify where the information you want is located. A request for information can be made for provincial government departments and other public sector entities.

Step 3: Put the request in writing. Complete the Application for Access to a Record form (Form 1) and submit by letter or email to the following addresses:


Send letter to:

Information Access and Privacy (IAP) Services
Information, Communications and Technology Services
Department of Internal Services
12th floor, 5161 George Street
PO box 72
Halifax, NS  B3J 2L4

How to access information that has been previously released

The Disclosure log can be searched to determine if similar information was previously disclosed. To do this go to the Access to Information Requests website.

Some records are routinely disclosed and can be accessed without a formal request. If you do not know if the information you want is readily available, or whether it requires a FIOPOP application, you can contact us and we can help you with your inquiry.

How much does it cost to place a FOIPOP request and how long does it take to get the requested information?

If you are asking for information that is not about yourself, you must pay a five dollar application fee (either online , via mail, or in person) to start the process. You will be contacted by the relevant department within a few days. There is no fee to access or submit a correction request to your own personal information. Additional fees may be charged for searching, preparing, copying and disclosing the records you are  requesting. You will be provided with an estimate before we proceed.

Public bodies have 30 days to respond to your request for records. The law allows us to extend it up to 60 days if we need more time because a large volume of records has been requested or we need to consult with third parties.

What’s exempt?

If you are requesting your own personal information, most likely you will obtain your requested information.

If you are requesting administrative or general records, some of the information may be held back, as they may be exempted under the law from being released.

These exemptions include:

  • Cabinet records
  • Certain law enforcement information
  • Records that could prejudice intergovernmental relations
  • Records or information that include recommendations or advice
  • Personal information that could invade the privacy of an individual
  • Certain records supplied in confidence by a third party
  • Most labour relations records
  • Privileged legal advice
  • Confidential business information

How do I get an answer to my FOIPOP related question?

Contact us toll-free at 1-844-424-2985 or 902 424-2985, by email at for help with your request. We can answer your questions about process, help you identify what information is held by which public body or let you know if you can get the information you want without making a formal FOIPOP request.

How can I search previously released information?

You can do so online at

Public Bodies contact information

Where are the FOIPOP forms?