Centre 24-7


Located in Coldbrook Nova Scotia, Centre 24-7, is an alternative school program operated by the Nova Scotia Youth Facility (NSYF) in partnership with the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board (AVRSB) and Human Resources Canada. The make-up of the student population is very unique with a blend of selected sentenced youth from NSYF and “at risk” youth who have been unable to function in the AVRSB system. It is designed to address educational needs, interpersonal development, and provide unique programming options through a well-defined case management process.

Program Components

Pre-Program Phase
The candidates for the program go through the process after being recommended by probation officers, youth workers, program managers, teachers, AVRSB student services and principals. Potential students are rated on their abilities and cognitive skills to be able to function in a group setting. One of the primary requirements is that a support person must be available for students in the program. This may be a parent, a relative or a community person who would make himself available for support.

Education Program
The Educational Program follows the Nova Scotia Department of Education curriculum guidelines to ensure that the courses are fully accredited. The school is on a semester system. The program offers small class sizes, individualized attention and preparation for reintegration into a community school.

Experiential Education
Trained staff facilitate opportunities for improving communication skills, problem solving and goal setting by enabling students to learn by doing and then discussing the activity.

Adventure-Based Program
The Centre provides challenging adventure-based activities to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence and may include indoor rock climbing, over-night back country canoe trips, camping, hiking and a high ropes course.

The life-skills program focuses on personal growth and offers various courses to meet individual needs. Courses include, anger management and substance abuse education.

Career Development
The purpose is to prepare and enhance employability. The program focuses on letter writing, resume preparation, job interview skills and community work placements.