Nova Scotia Provincial Police Long Service Awards

2008 Recipients

The 2008 Nova Scotia Provincial Police Long Service Awards were presented in a ceremony in Membertou on September 22, 2008. The following are this year's recipients:

15 Years

Cape Breton Regional Police Service
Constable Michael David Abraham
Constable Malcolm Bradely Burke
Constable Michael Gregory Byrne
Sergeant Kevin Lawrence Dowe
Constable Darren Joseph Drinovz
Constable Leo Thomas Farrell
Constable Wayne Autin Forgeron
Constable Gary John Fraser
Sergeant Kevin Raymond Gillis
Constable Bernard Gregory Gouthro
Constable Terrence Clarence Humber
Constable Donald Kenneth Hutchison, Posthumous
Constable Paul Francis Kelley
Sergeant Lloyd Daniel MacCormack
Constable David Alexander MacGillivary
Sergeant John Stephen MacKinnon
Constable Peter Archibald MacKinnon
Constable Geoffrey Norman Keith MacLeod
Constable John Philip MacLeod
Constable John Dennis MacSween
Constable Paul A McDonald
Constable Daniel Michael McGillivray
Inspector Peter Joseph McIsaac
Constable Arnold Joseph McKinnon
Constable Robert Shawn McLean
Sergeant Barry William Morrison
Sergeant Paul Edward Muise
Constable Stephen Joseph Nagy
Constable David Keaton Nearing
Constable Sheldon Gerard O’Donnell
Constable Michael Joseph O’Rourke
Constable William Scott Reeves
Constable James Lloyd Riggs
Constable Michael Andrew Rolfe
Constable James Timothy Ryan
Constable Michael Joseph Somerton
Constable James John Sophocleous
Constable Steven Edward Timmons
Sergeant Robert Jude Walsh

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Constable John Robert Caughey
Corporal James Reginald Leadbeater
Corporal Shelby Lyn Miller
Sergeant Anthony Arthur Perry
Constable Glynis Lydia Thomas

25 Years

Cape Breton Regional Police Service
Constable Keith P. Andrews
Sergeant Russell Michael Baker
Constable Barry Sinclair Best
Constable Joseph Raymond Black
Sergeant Emerson Walter Blagdon
Constable Walter Bruckschwaigen
Deputy Chief Myles Frederick Burke
Inspector Anthony Daniel Dalton
Constable Robert James Davies
Staff Sergeant Ronald William Donovan
Inspector Paul Gregory Doyle
Constable John Charles Ellsworth
Constable Steve Ettinger
Sergeant Barry Gerard Gordon
Inspector Thomas Hastie
Sergeant David Alphonse Hickey
Constable Reginald Charles Hutchings
Constable Harold Jerome Iveny, Posthumous
Staff Sergeant Paul Francis Jobe
Sergeant Jerome Kevine Kelly
Sergeant Michael James Kennedy
Sergeant Henry W. Lamond
Sergeant Douglas Ralph Lawrence
Constable Harold Gregory Livingston
Constable Irving Hugh MacDonald
Constable Wayne Bernard MacDonald
Sergeant John Warren MacEachern
Sergeant Neil Bertrand MacKenzie
Sergeant Donald Gordon MacLean
Staff Sergeant Eugene Gerard MacLean
Sergeant James Allan MacLean
Retired Chief Edgar A MacLeod
Sergeant Michael Gerard MacQueen
Sergeant John Louis Marinelli
Sergeant Gerald J. Marks
Constable Adrian Kenneth McNamara
Sergeant Joseph Robert Melnick
Constable Lloyd James Mercer
Sergeant David Malcolm Morrison
Sergeant Kenneth P. O’Neill
Staff Sergeant John Francis O’Rourke
Constable Wayne Pendergast
Sergeant Thomas James Ripley
Sergeant Wayne Joseph Rudderham
Staff Sergeant John Walter Rutherford
Sergeant Max Joseph Sehl
Constable Gerald Campbell Sheppard
Constable Graham Keith Smith
Constable Greg Phillip Sophocleous
Constable Robert Ian Stewart
Constable Calvin Bernard Thomas
Constable Graham William Thompson
Constable Kenneth Archibald Turner
Chief David Damien Wilson

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Constable Gordon Keith MacKillop
Corporal Brian Harris Murray
Staff Sergeant Glen Douglas Shermerhorn