Minister's Award for Leadership in Crime Prevention

Category: Police

Constable Paul Ratchford

Justice Minister Ross Landry presents Constable Paul Ratchford, Cape Breton Regional Police Service, with the police award.

Constable Paul Ratchford of the Cape Breton Regional Police Service dedicates countless hours of volunteer time to helping the residents he serves during his regular policing duties. His passion for helping his community is demonstrated in the wide range of things he does, from the simple task of helping a senior move furniture to partnering with residential housing to establish re-entry to work programs for individuals returning to the work force. His ability to connect with and mentor youth has been instrumental in building trust between police and youth in areas that were once considered high youth crime spots. Constable Ratchford spearheaded a program for underprivileged youth that resulted in three youth centres being established as police community partnerships in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.