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Substance Abuse Advisory Board Regulations

made under subsection 135(1) of the
Health Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 195
O.I.C. 89-1270 (November 7, 1989), N.S. Reg. 225/89

1 In these regulations

(a) "Commission" means the Nova Scotia Commission On Drug Dependency; [Note: Section 137 of the Health Act states that any reference to this Commission shall be construed to be a reference to the Minister.]

(b) "advisory board" means a regional advisory board appointed under subsection 135(1) of the Health Act.

2 (1) An advisory board shall consist of not fewer than ten nor more than eighteen persons.

(2) The majority of members of an advisory board constitutes a quorum.

(3) An advisory board shall meet not less than six times per annum.

(4) Members of an advisory board shall hold office for such term as is prescribed in their appointment and are eligible for reappointment.

3 (1) The Commission shall designate the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of an advisory board.

(2) With the approval of the Commission there may be established standing committees of an advisory board, two of which shall be the Treatment Standards Committee and the Education Committee and guidelines for their function, composition and size shall be determined by the Commission.

(3) The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the advisory board and the Chairmen of the standing committees selected from the membership of the advisory board shall be the Executive Committee of the advisory board.

(4) The Executive Committee shall conduct the business of an advisory board between meetings of the advisory board, subject to the approval of the advisory board.

4 The functions of a regional advisory board are to assist the Commission in achieving the objects [of Section 134] of the Health Act by

(1) reviewing from time to time such programs which have received approval, funding and implementation by the Commission in the area of the Province designated by the Commission for the advisory board;

(2) advising the Commission on such programs regarding community perspectives and of the need for programs which may be offered to deal with drug dependency.

5 (1) Further to the provisions [of Part XI] of the Health Act, all employees of the Commission who work in regions shall be appointed, employed and dismissed in accordance with the Civil Service Act and regulations.

(2) Employees of the Commission shall work under the general direction of the Commission and the Executive Director.

6 (1) Not later than September 1st of each year, an advisory board shall review a detailed estimate prepared by Commission employees of the sums that are required for the proper and effective functioning of the regional program during the ensuing fiscal year and for such other period as the Commission directs, and Commission employees will thereafter transmit the estimates to the Executive Director.

(2) The estimates for the ensuing fiscal year, either as submitted or as modified by the Commission, will, when approved by the Commission and approved in accordance with statutory requirements, constitute the approved budget of the regional program for that fiscal year.

7 (1) An advisory board shall maintain such records as are required by statute and as the Commission may from time to time direct.

(2) Any person appointed by the Commission may enter, at any reasonable time, the premises where the records of an advisory board are kept to inspect and examine them.