Justice Major Incident Updates

Types of Major Incidents

For the purpose of the Major Incidents Disclosure Policy, major incidents are defined as follows:

  • A major disturbance at a correctional facility (a disturbance of four or more persons in custody, over a protracted period of 60 minutes or longer, and (a) necessitating the hold or call back of staff or (b) exceeding the resource capacity of the facility, and requiring emergency police services to respond to the identified threat);
  • major disruptions of day-to-day activities in a correctional facility or Justice Centre/Court (including major power outages or loss of telephone service) where it has been determined that there is a threat to public safety;
  • purposeful damage to a correctional facility, Justice Centre/Court, Department of Justice office or Department vehicle estimated to be in excess of $5,000;
  • a motor vehicle accident which occurs while transporting a person(s) in custody resulting in an emergency medical response at the scene or inpatient hospitalization;
  • assault committed by a person in custody against another person within a correctional facility, while in the custody of Sheriff Services, or while in court resulting in serious injury that requires inpatient hospitalization;
  • escape from custody including escape from Sheriff Services, escape from correctional facilities and escape from escorted temporary absences;
  • wrongful release of a person from custody prior to the expiration of his or her sentence or remand;
  • seizure of explosives or firearms at a correctional facility or Justice Centre/Court;
  • a hostage taking;
  • a bomb threat;
  • major seizure of drugs at a correctional facility;
  • closure of a correctional facility to the public as a result of a health concern (e.g., flu outbreak); and,
  • the death of a person while in custody.