Branches and Divisions

Nova Scotia Labour and Advanced Education has the following branches and divisions:

Office of the Minister and Deputy Minister
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Provides advice and manages communications with the public

Corporate Policy and Services Branch
Planning, Research & Accountability
Provide evidence-based decision-support for the department and its stakeholders through strategic and ongoing research and analysis, information-sharing, program evaluation, intergovernmental relations, stakeholder engagement and accountability and monitoring measures.
Policy and Planning
Provides policy planning and development for the department
Professional Services
Professional Services provides internal support in the areas of Facilities Management, Health and Safety

Higher Education Branch
Post-Secondary Accessibility Services (PSAS)
The Workforce Development Agreement (WDA) provides a range of programs, goods and services to support students with disabilities in post-secondary education.
Private Career Colleges
Works with Private Career Colleges to ensure that Nova Scotians have access to training opportunities that respond to labour market needs and lead to employment.
Student Assistance
The Student Assistance division provides an opportunity for all qualified students in Nova Scotia to pursue post-secondary education.
Universities & Colleges
Develops and manages funding agreements between the province and the public post-secondary institutions, analyzes reports and publications, conducts Nova Scotia based higher education research, represents the province at a regional and national level.

Labour Services Branch
Conciliation and Mediation Services
Conciliation and Mediation Services (CMS) is dedicated to helping labour-management groups change the conversation. They are a neutral third party that provides impartial conciliation and alternative dispute resolution services to labour and management in unionized private and public sector workplaces in Nova Scotia.
Labour Board
The Labour Board is an independent adjudicative body that resolves disputes under provincial labour and employment laws. The Board is responsible for the fair and efficient administration and adjudication of responsibilities assigned to it under the Labour Board Act and sections of other Acts and Regulations.
Labour Standards
The Labour Standards legislation sets out the minimum employment rules in Nova Scotia that employers and employees have to follow. It also sets out rules specific to the recruitment of workers and the hiring of foreign workers. Employees, employers and recruiters have rights and responsibilities under these rules. A person who believes the rules have been broken can file a complaint with the Labour Standards Division.
Workers' Advisers Program
The Workers' Advisers Program develops, implements and maintains a process to advise, assist and represent injured workers and their families who are seeking benefits under the Workers' Compensation Act. Most of the program's work involves representing injured workers and their families in appeals of workers' compensation decisions of the Workers' Compensation Board, the Worker's Compensation Appeals Tribunal and occasionally, at the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal. The Workers' Advisers Program is similar to legal aid program for workers' compensation matters.

Safety Branch
Occupational Health and Safety
Promoting safe and healthy workplaces/work practices
Technical Safety
Promotes protection of property, and safe facilities and equipment

Skills and Learning Branch
Adult Education
The Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning (NSSAL) offers programs for adult Nova Scotians who want to improve their literacy skills.

Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency
Administers the apprenticeship and trades certification system in Nova Scotia.
Employment Nova Scotia
Helps Nova Scotians meet their full employment potential, and helps employers find the employees they need to prosper

Workplace Initiatives
Promotes learning at work and supports the development of a skilled and adaptable workforce through the following programs and resources:
Workplace Education Initiative
Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI)
The HR Toolkit
Welcoming Workplaces
One Journey Initiative
Sector Council Program
Business Workforce Consultants
Job Bank