Occupational Health and Safety Division

The Occupational Health & Safety Division (OH&S) concentrates its efforts on safe and healthy workplaces, and work practices, and safety standards protecting the general public. The Division seeks to continuously improve the provision of its services.

The OH&S Division focuses on the promotion of the internal responsibility system. The system acknowledges the responsibility of employers and employees for workplace health and safety.

To access OHS publications, such as, the OHS Act and Regulations, Guideline documents, OHS Forms, notices of public consultations and changes in regulations and more, please go to the OHS home page. For contact information and office locations please visit our Staff Listing by Region

The OH&S Division, through information and enforcement, affects public and workplace health and safety through:

  • promoting the primary responsibility of employers and employees to create safe and healthy workplaces through the use of safe work practices, adequate training and suitable equipment.
  • providing inspection, certification and enforcement services; to demonstrate to our clients that a level of surveillance exists to monitor and to correct actions or conditions that are not in keeping with the requirements of the legislation, especially those related to the internal responsibility system. The enforcement provisions also ensure that where violations of the legislation are identified, appropriate action is taken, providing both general and specific deterrence.
  • developing partnerships through dialogue and information exchange, providing opportunities for client consultation which shapes OH&S Division services. The OH&S Division also recognizes the value of promoting general health and safety awareness.
  • enhancing client services to create an environment that sustains the development, availability and delivery of client services.
  • ensuring effective use of resources to service the public by effectively and efficiently allocating resources in pursuit of our mission.
  • ensuring the continuous evolution of legislation to serve Nova Scotians better. Changes to legislation will incorporate technological changes and recognize the evolution of workplace practices and standards.

The Division is comprised of two main sections: Compliance and Inspection Services and Technical, Outreach and Internal Services. Compliance and Inspection Services staff conduct workplace inspections and investigations throughout provincially-regulated workplaces across Nova Scotia. The Technical, Outreach and Internal Services staff provide services externally and internally. Technical staff conduct workplace inspections and investigations requiring occupational hygienist, occupational health and safety engineer and mining engineer expertise. Outreach and Internal Services staff provide IT and policy development internally to the Division and OHS awareness to external clients and stakeholders, as appropriate.

The work of the Occupational Health and Safety Division is enhanced through Councils and Boards with whom we cooperate, specifically: