Technical, Outreach and Internal Services

Technical, Outreach and Internal Services staff provide specialized inspection and technical (engineering, IT, policy development) services to internal and external clients and stakeholders, as appropriate. The section provides the following services:

Technical Services

The Technical Services section provides technical expertise in the areas of Occupational Hygiene, Mining, Blasting, Radiation, Oil & Gas, and Paralegal services. In addition to these core competencies, Technical Services staff respond to a broad range of technical queries on topics that require in-depth research and competence in areas of chemistry, physics, mechanics, electricity and electronics. Questions of compliance with the occupational hygiene and technical requirements of the OHS Act and Regulations often require fast turn-around of responses to workplace queries and incidents so that workplaces can continue to operate effectively, while ensuring the health and safety of persons at or near the workplace. The Section also has a staff paralegal technician to conduct legal research and prepare case files relative to appeal matters.

Outreach Services

The Outreach Services section develops, implements and manages educational and awareness programs and outreach activities, strategies, tools and methods designed to raise awareness of OHS legislation and requirements to employers, employees, business associations and the public.

Internal Services

Internal Services is the administrative and technical support section that ensures all incoming calls, inquiries, and requests to the OHS Division are responded to in a timely manner. This section is also responsible for ensuring the division's Activity Tracking System is functional 24/7, thus enabling staff to record and track activities such as inspections, investigations, and other pertinent information. Internal Services produces statistical and operational reports, and assists with policy review and development, while working with stakeholders such as WCB and other government and non-government entities to monitor trends within the various industry sectors.

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