Fast, flexible, focused learning.

In today's competitive job market, staying ahead requires continuous learning and skill development. Nova Scotia Microcredentials offer you a flexible, affordable and quicker path to gaining valuable skills and credentials.

About microcredentials

Microcredentials are short, focused courses designed to develop a specific skill or competency. Unlike traditional degrees, they offer targeted learning, allowing you to gain relevant skills quickly. Microcredentials are developed in collaboration with employers and industry experts to ensure that you're learning skills that are directly applicable to Nova Scotia workforce needs. 

Benefits of microcredentials

For Learners

Microcredentials provide learners with:

  • access to learning that’s directly aligned with the current demands of the job market
  • courses based on your career goals, allowing you to create a personalized learning experience
  • opportunities to prepare yourself for new job opportunities and career transitions
  • money in your pocket; microcredentials are cost-effective, making them more accessible

For employers and industry

Microcredentials are an opportunity for employers and industry to:

  • identify and develop the critical skillsets required to drive your business forward
  • accelerate the training process for current and future employees, ensuring they are job-ready in less time
  • adapt to changing industry trends and requirements, maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace

Training providers and post-secondary institutions

Microcredentials are an opportunity for training providers and post-secondary education institutions to:

  • equip learners by providing timely, relevant training related to skills in demand in the labour market and industry
  • attract new learners and attach them to existing educational pathways
  • encourage a culture of continuous learning, encouraging students and professionals to upgrade their skills throughout their careers

Explore microcredentials that can work for you

Explore a range of microcredentials offered by our partners across Nova Scotia. Find learning opportunities to help you achieve your career goals. Find microcredential partners

The Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration is actively working to expand the availability of microcredentials in Nova Scotia. By partnering with educational institutions and industry stakeholders, we are committed to creating a robust ecosystem that supports lifelong learning and workforce development.

If you're an educational institution or training provider interested in offering microcredentials, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at to learn how you can contribute to our growing ecosystem of skills development.

Microcredentials framework

The Nova Scotia Microcredentials Framework supports a coordinated and consistent approach to microcredentials across post-secondary institutions. It also provides clarity and transparency for learners and employers.

Many post-secondary education and industry partners supported the development of the framework. Partners helped make sure that the framework can guide the development and delivery of microcredentials, while allowing microcredential providers to be innovative, agile, responsive and quick to market.


Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration

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