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Nova Scotia Museum
Reptiles and Amphibians Collection
Nova Scotia has no poisonous snakes and no snakes much more than one metre long. Even so, many people are afraid of our snakes. Snakes have suffered from bad public relations ever since the Garden of Eden!

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Turtles are reptiles. When you hear the word turtle, you probably think of the shell. The top part is called the carapace and the bottom part the plastron. Turtles feature dry scaly skin, beak, good eyes and ears.

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In spring the naturalist's fancy turns to frogs. Eight kinds of frogs live in Nova Scotia. The sight and sound of them is part of most peoples' childhood experience, misconceptions have given the toads a bit of a bad name they don't deserve.

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The secretive salamander is a harmless creature. It has no poison sting or biting teeth. Its permanent smile and delicate little toes will win your heart, once you take that first curious look.

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