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 The Book of Negroes

  Photo: Learning Resources & Technology.
Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management.
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Book of Negroes

This book is a hand-written list of Black passengers leaving New York on British ships in 1783. It gives a name, age, physical description, and status (slave or free) for each passenger, and often an owner's name and place of residence. The "Book of Negroes" exists in two original versions. These were created separately but at the same time by the British and the Americans as they registered the refugees. The British version, presented here, is in the Sir Guy Carlton papers at the Public Records Office (National Archives of Great Britain.) The American version, which forms the basis of Graham Hodge's Black Loyalist Directory, is at the National Archives at Washington. A microfilm copy of the American version is available at the Nova Scotia Archives (microfilm 10149 ).

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