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Objects used in Birchtown at AkDi-23 (Acker site)
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Objects used in Birchtown at AkDi-12 (Pit house)
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 Survey of Birchtown
  Private Collection. Photo by Learning Resources & Technology. Nova Scotia Museum  Click to Enlarge 80k

Survey of Birchtown

This copy of an undated surveyor's map shows the location and size of land grants in the Black Loyalist settlement of Birchtown, Shelburne County. Could it be a copy of the surveyor Marston's map?

Names of three known Black Loyalists appear in three lots: #3 Joseph Blair; #10 Robert Nickerson; #35 William Eustace.

The lots as laid out in this drawing were supposed to be ten acres. Each lot is supposed to be twenty chains long by five chains wide. One chain = sixty-six feet. The bearings for this map, North 26 West, are stated along the edge of lot No. 1

The excavated site AkDi-23, known as the Acker site, is in the square underneath the word "Birchtown".

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