Remembering Black Loyalists, Black Communities in Nova Scotia
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  Lining House, Charleston, S. Carolina
  Photo by Ruth Holmes Whitehead.
Nova Scotia Museum.
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  Lining House, Charleston.
Dinah and Hannah Lining were enslaved by Dr. John Lining until 1780. He and his wife, Sarah Hill Lining, lived here at the corner of King and Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dinah and Hannah Lining

inah and Hannah Lining, Tracadie, were slaves of the Lining family of Charleston, South Carolina. Hannah tried to run away when she was 14, but was recaptured.

In 1780, when she was 34, the British Army crossed the lands of the Lining plantation on its way to besiege Charleston. Hannah, blind in one eye, not only helped her elderly mother Dinah escape safely with the army to New York, but worked to support her until they took the brig Elijah to Port Mouton in 1783.

Christ Church and cemetery, Guysborough
  Photo: Ruth Holmes Whitehead.
Nova Scotia Museum
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Christ Church and Cemetery, Guysborough. Hannah and Dinah Lining were baptized and buried here.  

When fire destroyed the town a year later, they moved to Guysborough. On 30 July 1786, Hannah and Dinah were baptized at Christ Church, along with James Lennox, whom Hannah later married. James Lennox's name shows on the Tracadie land grant, but he died just prior to the grant being issued. Hannah, as his widow, took up the land, and remarried. Her husband appears in one document as Samuel Aitkens and in another as Samuel Hawkins. Throughout difficult times, Hannah took care of her mother, who lived to be 89. Hannah died at age 80 and is buried near Dinah.