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Date: n.d.; after 1500


Orignal Work:


Place: In situ: Fairy Bay 2b, Kejimkujik National Park, N.S.

Source: Parks Canada, Halifax

Please contact Parks Canada, Halifax for use of this image.


This petroglyph is labeled "Micmac man" in the Parks Canada catalogue. Women occasionally wore these beaver hats, as did men. Rob Ferguson, an archaeologist with Parks Canada, feels it is a man. Ruth Whitehead thinks it is a woman in a skirt. Men's coats are usually depicted as shorter, and composed of two triangles, the points touching at the waist. Parks Canada has completed a catalogue of all known petroglyphs within the boundaries of Kejimkujik National Park. Photographs, tracings and maps are available to researchers through the Regional Office in Halifax.


petroglyphs; rock art; stone carving; women; hats, top; skirts

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