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Date: 1791 ca


Orignal Work:

Place: Possibly Tufts Cove, Dartmouth, N.S.

Source: Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax

Reference Number: Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax

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Several artists copied images from this painting to use them in their own works of art. In such works, the man, the woman and sometimes the whole family are often added to landscapes as varied as Charlottetown and Quebec City, and even in non-Mi'kmaq setttings such as Virginia. Note the tobacco pipe in the woman's mouth: it is the first known image of the Mi'kmaq keeled pipe. The drawing of the baby carrier is quite accurate, an ethnographic detail to which none of the copyists seems to have paid sufficient attention. The two animals are a distinctive breed of "Mi'kmaq" dog, with sharp-pointed ears and curling tails. They are sometimes mistaken for foxes in other paintings of Mi'kmaq camps.


men; women; children; encampments; transportation; canoes; animals; fish; dogs, Mi'kmaq; animals; birds; hats; coats; leggings; moccasins; jackets, women's; skirts; caps, women's; peaked caps; pipes, tobacco, Mi'kmaq; quillwork, porcupine; weapons; guns; powder horns; fishing; Tufts Cove; Dartmouth; Nova Scotia

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