Nova Scotia Museum
Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection


Date: 1834-1839 ca


Orignal Work:

Place: Mi'kmaq group, canoe, Halifax harbour

Source: McCord Museum of Canadian History, Montréal

Reference Number: M22195

Please contact McCord Museum of Canadian History, Montréal for use of this image.


The wigwam is quite inaccurate. The Mi'kmaq figures and canoe are taken from the watercolour by H. N. Binney. The view of Halifax across the harbour is taken from a nineteenth-century work by Robert Petley. Note the beginnings of human figures in the lower right corner, also taken from the same Binney watercolour. Binney and Petley seem to have been the two most frequently copied artists in nineteenth-century Nova Scotia.


men; women; animals; fish; baby carriers; transportation; canoes; wigwams; vessels; boats; hats; leggings; coats; caps, women's; peaked caps; George's Island; Halifax Harbour; Dartmouth; Nova Scotia

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