Nova Scotia Museum
Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection


Date: n.d.; 1845


Orignal Work:

Source: Library and Archives Canada

Reference Number: C-117295; the Thompson Album, p. 34

Please contact Library and Archives Canada for use of this image.


The Thompson album has items in it collected over a period of 52 years (1830-1882), possibly by the same person. [Jim Burant, National Archives of Canada, to R. H. Whitehead, personal communication, 7 January 1982.] This particular image may be based on the frontispiece of the book, Little Grace, or Scenes in Nova Scotia, by a Miss Grove. [Halifax, C. MacKenzie & Co., 1846. Thanks to Scott Robson for bringing this to our attention and John Grove for providing us with the correct author name (Miss Grove) .]


men; women; canoes; transportation; caps, women's; peaked caps; skirts; jackets, women's; leggings; moccasins; coats; wigwams; cooking; containers; cooking pots, iron; basketry, woodsplint

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