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This database contains almost 5,000 wrecks, but as shipwreck estimates in Nova Scotia range up to 25,000, not all shipwrecks are recorded. The wrecks in this database date from 1583 to 1999.

The map on the right shows the distribution around the coastline of Nova Scotia. Wreck positions are approximate. Each red dot shows the location of a known shipwreck. The big red blob at sea and south of the mainland is Sable Island.

You can view the shipwrecks in a number of ways.

Vessel name

from the Aaron Perkins to the Bachelor, to the Calm Sea, ... to the Zyphyr; this is the A to Z of shipwrecks.

Year of Wreck

from the Delight in 1583 to the Merrimac in 1999; almost half the recorded wrecks date from 1850 to 1900.

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