Tips for Recycling Your Christmas Tree

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When your tree begins to look dull or dry out, take it down. But don't throw it still has many uses.

1) Winter Bird Feeder. Place it in the garden or back yard and trim with orange slices, bread, cranberries, bird seed and suet. Trim off the lower branches so they don't provide a hiding place for cats or other predators.

2) Garden Mulch. The branches can be removed and used as winter protection in the garden. The trunk can be chopped or chipped too.

3) Garden Ornamental. Balled and potted trees can be planted in the yard at a later date for added years of enjoyment. Consult your local nursery or garden centre for transplant instructions.

4) Pond Refuge. Sunk into fish ponds, trees make excellent refuge and feeding areas.

5) Potpourri. Branch tips and needles provide aromatic stuffing for sachets.

6) Community Programs. Check your newspaper to see if your community offers Christmas tree recycling. Many communities conduct chipping programs. Some coastal communities use trees at nearby beaches to reduce sand and soil erosion.