Resources Available For Christmas Tree Growers

Shearing Balsam Fir - Manual   -local NR&R office
-NR&R Library 424-8633
Shearing Balsam Fir - DVD   - local NR&R office
- NR&R Library 424-8633
Managing Wild Balsam Fir for Christmas Trees (Beginners Manual)   -local NR&R office
-NR&R Library 424-8633
Integrated Pest Management
and Christmas Trees
  -local NR&R office
Insectary Notes   - Jacqui Gordon 758-7014
Forest Health (IPM) Web Site (Christmas Tree Insects & Diseases)   - Jacqui Gordon 758-7014
Wildlife Habitat & Watercourses Protection
-local NR&R office
Woodlot Home Study Series   -
Selling Timber (Brochure)   -1-800-226-7577
-local NR&R office
Choose & Cut Directory   -local NR&R office or 424-6295
Tips For Caring For Natural Christmas Trees   -
NR&R Research Reports (reports related to Christmas Tree Production)   - NR&R Research Section 893-5671
  Efficiency of Glyphosate in Controlling Competing Vegetation in Nova Scotia
  Controlling Competing Vegetation with Lower Than Recommended Rates of Glyphosate
  Control of Raspberry and Grass With Liquid Hexazinose in Nova Scotia
  A Survey of One to Four Year Old Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Plantations Established With Bareroot and Container Seedlings
  Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Needle Retention Versus Timing of Bud Flush
  The Effect of Shearing On the Quality of Balsam Fir Christmas Trees (Pictorial Presentation)
  Use of a “Flow Control Plate” To Modify A Maruyama Backpack Air Blast Spreader For The Application of Pronone 10G Granular Herbicide and Update for Mini Granual Size
  Use of A “Flow Control Plate” To Modify an Earthway Ev-N-Spread Crank Spreader For the Application of Pronone 10G Granular Herbicide and Update for Mini Granual Size
  The Effect of Various Cultural Treatments on the Growth and Quality of a Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Plantation
  The Efficiency and Costs of Four Herbicide Products Applied Using Selective Methods
  Maruyama & Earthway - Pronone Application Updates Available due to change in Granular Size.
Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture & Fisheries
Weed Identification Guide
Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia(902) 895-6914 -
Atlantic Canada Christmas Tree Growers Manual   -revised 2002 edition available from Associations and Council
-updates available from Associations
and Council
Nova Scotia Christmas Tree
Journal (published quarterly)
  -Benefit of Association Memberships or
-Subscription $20.00/year
Colouring Books - (Nova Scotia
Land of Christmas Trees)
  - TBA
Insect Sample Boards (Help
I.D. and Monitor Insects)
  - Association Members $10.00
-Non - Members $15.00
A Field Guide to Beneficial
Insects On Balsam Fir
Christmas Trees
(French Version Available )
  -Association Members $5.00
-Non - Members $8.00
Videos - Nova Scotia Christmas
Tree Industry
“Only The Very Best”
(Educational) 20 mins
  - CTCNS only $5.00
“The Best Is Getting Better”
(Promotional) 7 mins
  - CTCNS only $5.00
Nova Scotia Balsam Fir
Suppliers Directory
“Nova Scotia The Land of
Christmas Trees” (Brochure)
  - CTCNS only no charge
-Exporters Checklist
(For those thinking of exporting)
  - CTCNS only no charge
-Export Brochure - “Christmas
Trees From Nova Scotia”
  - CTCNS only $1.25
Research Committee Annual Reports
(include current and past trials & projects)
  - NR&R Library 424-8633
Nova Forest Alliance
Woodlot Owner Info Website   -WISH - Woodlot Info Shop
Canadian Forestry Service
Christmas Tree - Insects and Diseases -
Field Guide -
  - Christmas Tree Associations