Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Who is considered a resident for the purpose of hunting in Nova Scotia?


A person permanently or ordinarily residing in the Province for the two months immediately preceding the hunting season and includes:

  1. An officer of the diplomatic or consular service of a foreign country stationed within the Province,
  2. a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the Canadian Armed Forces stationed or born in the Province,
  3. A person born in the Province and the owner of real property in the Province; See Sec 3(1)(am) of the Wildlife Act

QUESTION: I have a disability can I get a permit to hunt from my vehicle?


What you are looking for is a Weapon discharge permit. The permit, issued because of your disability, allows you to shoot from inside your vehicle rather than standing outside. Your vehicle must be parked in a location where it would be legal for you to hunt and all aspects of hunting/possessing/discharging a firearm still apply. It is an offence for a disabled person to otherwise transport an un-cased and/or loaded firearm in a vehicle. You must be accompanied by another person who is able to retrieve any wildlife taken.(See Section 9(1) Firearm and Bow Regulations)

You qualify if you have a valid vehicle handicap parking pass issued under the Motor Vehicle Act.

You qualify if your mobility is limited as a result of severe physical disability caused by paralysis, lower limb amputation, heart or lung disease or other disabling impairment to the extent that you are unable to propel yourself without the aid of a wheelchair or walker, or a combination of any two of these: a crutch, cane, leg brace, or leg prosthesis or you have a significant cardio-pulmonary condition that results in severe shortness of breath with minimal physical activity; or you have a severe neuro-muscular or skeletal condition, and, because of any of the conditions described above you are limited in mobility to 50 m or less in outdoor weather conditions.

The permit may contain special terms and conditions.

You must obtain a hunting licence and comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the hunting and taking of wildlife.

The permit does not authorize you to shoot from any public highway.

The vehicle being used must be at a complete stop with the motor turned off whenever the firearm is loaded.

It is an offence to pursue wildlife with a vehicle.