Risk Services

Vision: To adopt, develop and disseminate tools, expertise and processes that will enhance our capacity for risk reduction and the mitigation of threats to the provincial forest ecosystems. We will strive to identify and respond to emerging risks to the provincial forest ecosystem through collaboration, informed decision making, innovation, and research.

About Risk Services: The Risk Services team is one of three groups which make up the Forest Protection Division within the Department of Natural Resources. The Risk Services team is responsible for the science, technology and business planning components of the provincial forest protection program. The Risk Services team was formed in 2008 after it was recognized that more time and effort needed to be devoted to science and technology as well as building support tools for Forest Protection initiatives.

Some current and completed projects include: weather monitoring system, wildfire risk mapping, forest pest risk mapping, brown spruce longhorn beetle risk analysis, spruce budworm decision support system, regulation/policy updating, identifying fuel types with unique applications for Nova Scotia, Forest Health Information System, aerial wildfire detection improvements, aerial pest detection survey, vegetation type/insect matrix, and historical data review of pest information to name a few.

risk services