To Report a Wildfire...

When reporting a wildfire please have the following information ready:

The phone number you are calling from and your name.

Location of the fire, if possible use geographic place names (lakes, rivers, etc) or civic address numbers.

What is the fire burning in? Hardwood / softwood trees, brush, grass, or other.

What colour is the smoke? White, grey, brown, blue, black, or unknown.

How big is the fire? For example is the fire the size of a campfire, a house, a baseball field, bigger, unknown, etc.

Are there any lives or values threatened? For example homes, buildings, campgrounds, structures, plantations etc.

How fast is the fire spreading? Fast as you can walk, run, or unknown.

Is anyone fighting the fire? Like the department of natural resources crews, fire department, forest industry personnel, neighbours, passers-by etc.

Please remember, the more information you have and the better you can answer the above types of questions, the easier it is for the Fire Centre and fire crews to locate and action the fire. On average, 98% of the fires are contained within 24 hours of their start. If you see a Wildfire, please report it to us at 1-800-565-2224 toll free or call 911.