Nova Scotia Mineral Incentive Program 2017-18

The Nova Scotia Mineral Incentive Program has been replaced by the Mineral Resources Development Fund (MRDF)

The goal of the Nova Scotia Mineral Incentive Program (NSMIP) was to increase and promote mineral exploration, leading to mineral discoveries and new producing mines in Nova Scotia. The Program funded a variety of initiatives that supported this goal including:

  • Prospector Grants up to $15,000 for grassroots exploration
  • Shared (industry-government 50/50) Funding Grants up to $150,000 for larger exploration projects
  • Research grants up to $15,000 for applied geoscience research that will benefit local mineral exploration
  • Marketing and Professional Development Grants

Prospector and Shared Funding Grants

Prospector Grant

Shared Funding Grant

Download Grant Info (MS Word)

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Download Shared Funding Grant Info (MS Word)

Download Shared Funding Grant Criteria (PDF)