Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park

The Department of Lands and Forestry, Parks & Outreach Division is currently undergoing a management planning process for Clam Harbour Provincial Park. This process resulted in a Park Management Plan which will guide future management activities. 

Public and stakeholder engagement sessions were held in Fall 2017. Feedback from these sessions were incorporated in the Park Management Plan. This document contains proposed site objectives, policies and actions related to managing the park’s natural, cultural, and recreational values. Read the Clam Harbour Provincial Park draft plan (5.3MB PDF).

Demolition of the Core Facility at Clam Harbour is planned for the Fall of 2019.  The tender will include the demolition of the buildings and restoration of the site. Redevelopment of the site will commence in 2020.

A conceptual plan for the redevelopment of the facilities at Clam Harbour is in progress. 

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