Long Lake Provincial Park Draft Park Management Plan

Long LakeLocated in the Harrietsfield - Goodwood area of Halifax Regional Municipality, the 2,095 hectare Long Lake Provincial Park contains a relatively natural landscape which includes three lakes, a diversity of natural habitats and cultural features and provides opportunities for a range of nature-based outdoor recreation experiences. The property was designated under the Parks Act in 1984 and is managed by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (NR&R). Although protected by legislation for almost twenty-five years, no facilities or services have been provided.

Despite the lack of amenities, public use of Long Lake Provincial Park has increased significantly in recent years. With this growing use has come increased demands for the provision of facilities and services. In addition, park values are being compromised, particularly through the establishment of a large number of ad hoc trails and the lack of trail maintenance.

stream at Long LakeTo address these issues, the Department of Natural Resources has partnered with the Long Lake Provincial Park Association to develop a park management plan. The intent of this plan is to provide a vision for Long Lake Provincial Park and a policy framework to guide park management over the next 10-15 years. It also identifies the actions necessary to support that vision.

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Draft Management Plan including Appendicies ( Maps and Document )

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Fig. 1 - Location Map
Fig. 2 - Orientation Map
Fig. 3 - Park Zoning
Fig. 4 - Development Concept
Fig 5. - Park Elements