The Woodland Conferences Series

Created in early 1990s, the conferences were designed to 1) help woodland owners manage their woodland sustainably, 2) provide timely information to owners from industry experts and other owners, and (3) meet the information needs of the landowners.

The woodland conferences are full day events, with sessions in the morning and afternoon, with lunch and coffee breaks. During lunch and breaks, participants have the opportunity to connect with presenters, and exhibitors (businesses) to explore further possibilities of their projects/businesses/woodlands. Each of the three regional conferences has its own distinct flavor and are held in new locations each year.

Speakers are selected from woodland owners, government, industry, lawyers, financial planners, NGOs, contractors, and consultants. In the past, a wide array of topics ranging from climate change to community forests, silviculture funding to soil nutrient balancing, fuelwood to forest policy, taxation to technology, forest products marketing, intergenerational transfer, wildlife habitats to watercourse alteration have been covered.

Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Associations