Shooting Range Booking System (SRBS)

To book a shooting range online, you must have a valid WRC # , PIN and POV must be noted on your WRC profile.

  • As October 4th, 2021, the Proof of Vaccination Policy (POV) requires all business and organizations operating shooting ranges to check for POV for all clients accessing our public shooting ranges.
  • Proof of vaccination is required to be completed in person at your local Department of Natural Resources and Renewables office.
  • You can not log into SRBS if POV has not been shown and recorded on your Wildlife Resources Card profile.
  • You are not permitted to provide POV for anyone else other than yourself. Valid ID is required to be shown to verify the POV documentation. Vaccination documentation can be in paper or digital form.
  •  Failure to provide POV for everyone in your booking will result in the cancellation of your booking.
Please login with your Wildlife Resources Card (WRC) Number: Enter only the first nine numbers with no spaces. eg. 123123123)
If you can't remember your WRC#, contact our Business Registry Unit.
and your WRC PIN: To get a PIN, update your PIN, or if you have forgotten your PIN, go to the PIN website
By providing this information, you certify that you are the individual identified on the Wildlife Resources Card. If you are not the individual identified on the Wildlife Resources Card, you are not authorized to proceed and should exit this site.