How did we get here?

The three phases of strategy development

The province's environmental and economic goals include the adoption of strategies to ensure the sustainability of the province's natural capital in the areas of forests, biodiversity, geological resources, and provincial parks. To reach this goal, the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables embarked on a comprehensive three phased strategy development process, built on a set of Guiding Principles.

Phases 1 and 2 were managed by citizen volunteer bodies. Work was conducted at arms length from government to ensure citizen values and technical expertise were not unduly influenced by the department's perspectives. This unique strategy development process is a new way forward for government and citizens to work together.

In Phase 3, staff of the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables led the process to develop the Natural Resources Strategy, using the Phases 1 and 2 reports and in-house expertise. More details can be found in the links below.

  • Phase 1: Citizen Engagement (January 2008 to April 2009)
  • Phase 2: Sector / Technical Advice (April 2009 to May 2010)
  • Phase 3: Strategy Development (March 2010 to May 2011)