About the Nova Scotia Provincial Park System

Taylor Head

Nova Scotia Provincial Parks are administered by the Department of Lands and Forestry. The Department is responsible for the Provincial Parks Act, the Trails Act and the Beaches Act.

The current review process taking place under the natural resources strategy focuses the Provincial Parks Act and the properties that encompass the park system.

Our mandate includes the planning, development and operation of nature-based park and trail properties and associated opportunities for recreation, education and tourism.

  • Protection – preservation of significant natural and cultural values

  • Outdoor Recreation – opportunities for recreational activities ranging from relatively high density facilities such as supervised beaches and serviced camping parks to low intensity wildland experiences such as wilderness hiking.

  • Outdoor Education – opportunities to discover and understand our natural and cultural heritage

  • Nature Tourism – opportunities to experience and enjoy our province's distinctive outdoor recreational and heritage resources.

Moose River Gold Mines Lawrencetown Beach Caribou/Munroes Island