The Path We Share: What It Says About Provincial Parks

The Path We Share, A Natural Resources Strategy for Nova Scotia 2011-2020, was launched by the Government of Nova Scotia in August 2011. The strategy specifies specific goals and actions for Nova Scotia's provincial parks.

Goals of Provincial Parks

Goal: Shared stewardship

Challenge Nova Scotians to work together to create a sustainable park system for 2020 and beyond.

  • Engage the public at provincial, regional, and community levels in a focused dialogue about provincial parks.

  • Inform Nova Scotians about the current park system - what the parks offer and what they cost - and ask Nova Scotians what they value.

  • Involve Nova Scotians in setting priorities for a sustainable park system, addressing the issues of protection, education, recreation, and tourism.

  • Develop stable, mutually accountable partnerships.

Goal: Far-sighted planning

Work collaboratively to guide the planning, management, and operation of a sustainable provincial park system.

  • Make an inventory of the biological diversity, cultural and heritage values, including Mi'kmaq archaeology and archaeological sites, and opportunities for nature-based recreation and education in provincial parks.

  • Evaluate each park for its provincial, regional, and local contribution to the parks mandate (protection, education, recreation, and tourism).

  • Identify parks that are essential to the provincial parks mandate, parks that are of secondary value to the mandate, and parks that are outside the mandate.

  • Identify gaps in the park system, and ways to fill the gaps.

  • Involve municipal and federal government parks representatives when preparing the provincial park system plan.

  • Monitor the implementation of the park system plan.

Goal: Protection

Make protection of Nova Scotia's natural and cultural heritage a priority of the provincial park system.

  • Update laws and policies to emphasize protection in the planning and management of provincial parks.

  • Ensure that park planning, development, and operations protect significant natural and cultural heritage assets.

  • Monitor the protection of natural and cultural heritage assets.

  • Work with Nova Scotia Environment to integrate the planning and reporting of the parks and protected areas programs.

Goal: Education

Deepen public understanding and appreciation of Nova Scotia's natural and cultural heritage.

  • Create new opportunities for people to explore and experience the province's natural and cultural heritage.

  • Work with communities and other partners to showcase and interpret significant aspects of Nova Scotia's culture and heritage.

  • Inform Nova Scotians and visitors about the wealth of learning and recreational opportunities in our provincial parks.

Goal: Recreation

Provide nature-based recreation that supports a healthy way of life for Nova Scotians, while protecting our natural and cultural heritage.

  • Identify new nature-based recreational opportunities in each park.

  • Ensure that recreation activities are environmentally sustainable.