Provincial Parks Differ from Municipal or National Parks

Nova Scotia Provincial Parks are an important element in a broader network of parks and protected areas found within our province. Also found here are parks operated by other government agencies such as municipal parks and national parks. Wilderness areas and nature reserves are managed by Nova Scotia Environment. Other (private) conservation lands may be managed through land trusts or conservation easements. Many these properties exist to both protect significant environments and offer quality recreation opportunities. Some, like nature reserves, make protection their primary focus, while municipal parks may place more emphasis on recreation opportunities.

Nova Scotia Provincial Parks operates:

Core parks that incorporate provincially or regionally significant natural heritage values as well as.

Supporting parks that protect locally significant natural heritage values.

Both types provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, education and tourism.

Protected Areas (Wilderness Areas and Nature Reserves), administered by NSE, protect representative landscapes as well as sites and features of unique, rare or significant natural value. Wilderness areas permit some forms of recreation.

Municipal Parks, administered by cities, towns or municipalities, usually focus on providing recreational facilities and open spaces close to urban areas and residential communities.

National Parks, administered by Parks Canada, protect and operate nationally significant examples of natural and cultural heritage

mandate of provincial parks