Natural Resources Strategy - What happened during Phase 2? Sector/Technical Advice

An external Steering Panel was appointed by the Minister of Lands and Forestry to oversee Phase 2 of the strategy development process. The Steering Panel was responsible to ensure the process reflected citizen values identified in Phase 1. They were also tasked to provide high-level oversight and direction to the work of four Panels of Expertise in the areas of forests, biodiversity, geological resources, and provincial parks. The Panels of Expertise gathered and analyzed technical information in their focus area. They also consulted with technical stakeholders from across the province to collect information and advice.

To view a list of technical experts/stakeholders and their submissions see this table.

Each Panel of Expertise prepared a report and recommendations and presented it to the Steering Panel for their review and consideration. The Forests Panel submitted two reports, due to differing perspectives. Click on the links below to read their reports.

A Research Addendum includes Panel of Expertise submissions to the Minister of Lands and Forestry on biomass and clearcutting.

The Steering Panel considered the information from Phase 1, the reports from the Panels of Expertise, as well as their own research and prepared the Steering Panel Report – Phase 2.

The final report, A Natural Balance – Working Toward Nova Scotia’s Natural Resources Strategy, is a compilation of the reports from the Steering Panel and Panels of Expertise. The Steering Panel presented this report to the Minister of Lands and Forestry for consideration as the Department moved ahead with Phase 3 – the development of the natural resources strategy.

Copies of the Steering Panel's report are available by contacting or 424-8633. Copies are also available at public libraries across the province.

Steering Panel Membership

Steering Panel members were selected using the criteria set out in the Steering Panel Terms of Reference and in a manner that ensured members represented a broad range of interests.

Three prominent Nova Scotians were appointed by the Minister of Lands and Forestry:

  • Constance Glube, Chair of the Steering Panel, is a retired Chief Justice of Nova Scotia. She was the first woman appointed as a chief justice in Canada, a recipient of the Frances Fish Women Lawyers Achievement Award, and was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2006.
  • Joe Marshall is the executive director of the Union of Nova Scotia Indians and the Mi'kmaq senior advisor for the Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative. He is a retired associate professor at Cape Breton University and a retired instructor at the Eskasoni Training and Education Centre.
  • Allan Shaw, is non-executive chairman of the Shaw Group, a director with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs, and a past chair of Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. He was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 2000.

Panels of Expertise

Three non-government experts were appointed to each of the four Panels of Expertise, one Panel for each area of the natural resources strategy: forests, biodiversity, geological resources, and provincial parks. The Panels of Expertise were responsible to:

  • Engage technical stakeholder expertise
  • Ensure alignment with Guiding Principles and Government-approved strategy process guidelines
  • Ensure Phase 2 direction remains faithful to Phase I citizen values as articulated in Voluntary Planning's Phase 1 report
  • Ensure alignment with the Nova Scotia Corporate Plan

Members of each Panel of Expertise are noted in the Department's news release at

Click here for the Panel of Expertise Terms of Reference including membership criteria.

Department Liaisons

A Department of Lands and Forestry Liaison was appointed by the Department to support each of the four panels. Their role included:

  • at the request of the Panels of Expertise, providing impartial subject-matter and broad DNR-related expertise and resources during Phase 2 meetings, consultations and presentations
  • maintaining discretion and confidentiality regarding their work with the Panels of Expertise to ensure the integrity of the Phase 2 process
  • appreciating the diversity of values and perspectives that emerge around the four strategy areas, and imparting these values and perspectives to Panel of Expertise activities
  • assisting in the interpretation of complex technical content, speaking to factual misconceptions, and ensuring accuracy
  • stimulating cross-pollination of ideas